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by:KEBO      2020-04-21
UPS power supply for the first time after charging skilled new purchase of UPS power supply, UPS power supply to insert the 220 v mains power grid, charging at least 12 hours, to ensure that the battery fully. Otherwise, the actual available capacity of the battery will be much less than the nominal capacity of battery. If the UPS power supply don't have to for a long time. Every 2 ~ 3 months should be switched on 24 hours, let it charging fully, and let the UPS power inverter work conditions of 2 ~ 3 minutes, to ensure the normal life of the battery. Once connected to the utility, the UPS power supply to the battery charging, continue to press the power button above 1 seconds to boot, or open the inverter. Choose the UPS power supply installation location a good installation location is very important, placed a UPS place must have good ventilation effect, to stay away from water, combustible gas and the etchant, keep between 0 ~ 40 ℃, environment temperature if dismantling used under low temperature, there may be water condensation phenomenon. Once the environment temperature more than 25 degrees, every 10 degrees, the battery life will shorten the half. The UPS power battery is commonly used in the maintenance-free sealed lead-acid battery, universal design life is 5 years. UPS power supply should not be put side, should maintain a smooth bore into the wind with the wind; When the load connected to the UPS power supply, you must first shut down load, connection again, and then open each load, it is forbidden to electric, copy machine, such as inductive load connected to the UPS power supply, so as not to cause harm. Will UPS power received a dedicated socket with over current protection device, the power socket can protect the end; No matter whether input power line to insert the mains socket, UPS power supply output is likely to be charged. To make the UPS power supply output, must first turn off the switch, then cancel the mains supply. When using the UPS power supply start-up and shutdown order right boot shutdown sequence should be the first open the UPS power supply to it, and then open the various load, so that you can avoid starts the instant the damage caused by the current shock to UPS, when shutdown order just the opposite should turn off the load finally close UPS. When mains interruption by UPS power supply, should save their data and information as well as soon as possible and then shut down the computer, or use work may lead to excessive discharge UPS UPS power supply, thus shortening the service life of UPS. UPS power cannot be idle for a long time the excessive discharge of battery and battery open-circuit sit idle for a long time can make the battery internal resistance increases, can charge and discharge performance deteriorate. To sit idle for a long time of UPS power supply, before using the reboot, having the charging circuit in UPS power supply using the machine again after 12 hours to load, for backup UPS power supply, the best every other month make UPS power supply in the inverter state 2 ~ 3 minutes, to activate the battery. In addition, you also need to strictly control the battery charging current shall not exceed the maximum allowable battery charging current. Because too much shorter charging current will cause the service life of the battery. The use of ac voltage stabilizer using UPS power supply, don't need to add ac voltage stabilizer. If must add, should be added in the first level of UPS power supply, the mains by ac voltage stabilizer first, then through UPS power supply, and then to the load. Avoid overload use UPS power supply in the use of UPS power supply even when the size of the computational load, to avoid the load is too big or too small, excessive load can make the UPS power supply to work for a long time in overload condition so as to shorten the service life of UPS power supply; If the load is too small, UPS power supply working circuit work in abnormal state for a long time, for the UPS power supply is also have certain harm. The reasonable load should be controlled between 50% and 80%. Practice has proved that UPS power output load control at 60% is the best, the best reliability. In UPS power supply fault when overload or inverter to bypass mode, UPS power supply at this time do not have backup function, power supply is used in the load through the direct supply of electric power system. Battery equalization charging skilled at present a lot of UPS power supply used in valve control type lead acid battery ( VRLA) Called from the outset and maintenance-free battery, thus giving the user a misconception, seems to be the battery is durable and does not need to maintain. The battery in the following situations in UPS power supply, dealing with equalizing charge battery: excessive discharge terminal voltage is lower than the battery voltage regulation of calibration. Small for 12 v sealed lead-acid battery, its voltage discharge calibration to 10. 5V; For 24 v battery, at the end of the discharge voltage of 21 v. Calibration for 96 v battery, its discharge voltage of 85 v. Failed to timely after discharge the battery to charge; The battery of long-term sit idle. Mains interruption, continuous floating battery, let out nearly half of the capacity of the battery. Don't use diesel generator UPS power should not be powered by diesel generators, because of its frequency instability are often mutated, affect the normal operation of the UPS power supply. For real-time monitoring of the intelligent UPS power source with microcomputer communication and process control and other operational performance characteristics. Install the corresponding software on microcomputer, through the series/parallel connection UPS power supply, run the program, you can use computer to communicate with UPS power. General information query, parameter setting, time setting, automatic shutdown and alarm, etc. Such as Winpower. And then through a dedicated serial port control cable, connect the UPS power supply on your computer, then through RS232 and RS485 protocol communication, can achieve UPS power supply without mains input and the function of automatic shutdown when low battery. And it can monitor a serial port at the same time many sets of UPS power supply is connected.
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